Sunday, April 18, 2010

life through my own eyes

i remember when i was younger, my life was so much easier, no problem to worry, living without a single doubt..but now everything has changed..time is moving quickly and there no turning back i'm starting to fear what will happen when life goes on, and i'm still standing right here...i know i can never run from all those things so while i still can, while i'm still young i'll try my best to appreciate life and to have fun.. but life is never perfect no matter how much i have tried how much i have cried or strived many things that i have wanted, i could never get, so as times flies my worries are growing bigger in size but matter what i promise myself to always make the best out of my life..
because i know that life is never fair and thing may not go my way but i'll just have to be brave to put the past behind me and say Yesterday will always be yesterday..

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